Did I say DIVINE!?

It is just that.

This is one delicious super healthy over the top wonderful salad. We made this last month at our Start Stimply Cooking Classes and it was a huge hit. The key to this salad is to toss the dressing in the greens first then add the grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, avocado and cheese. I like to layer the salad so you can see all the beautiful colors. Tossing the dressing first also softens the kale a bit. You can use field greens too if your not a fan of kale. BUT you should be! Kale is super healthy and delicious when prepared well. I blended kale, baby spinach and field greens for this salad.


Kale Salad with Grapefruit and Pomegranate

1 bunch kale, well-washed and cut into fine ribbons
1 ruby red grapefruit, supremed with juices reserved for dressing
1 pomegranate, seeds removed

1 avocado chopped
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons grapefruit juice (use an extra grapefruit or lemon juice if you don’t have enough)
generous pinch salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup shaved Pecorino Romano or Parmesan

Place the kale in a large serving bowl. In a small bowl, whisk the olive oil into the citrus juice, and add the salt and pepper into the vinaigrette. Drizzle the dressing onto the kale, and spread the dressing with your fingers. The kale should wilt a bit. Check the salt level and add more if needed.

When you’re ready to serve, toss in the grapefruit and pomegranate , avocado and, using a peeler, shave Percorino Romano generously on top. Toss gently and serve.


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The God Who Sees You

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This salad is just something else. The combo is outrageously delicious.
Fresh summer cherries, avocado, roasted almonds, fresh basil in a fantastic Wasabi Vinaigrette Dressing.
I top this off with my Grilled Salmon with Lemon Brown Sugar Soy Sauce (my favorite marinate ever for Salmon).
It makes a divine combination.
I like to serve this salad on a large white platter to show off the individual ingredients.
You are going to love this one friend!

Wasabi Cherry Field Green Salad


1/4cup olive oil

3 tablespoons Cherry Vinegar (see recipe below) or white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons minced shallot

2 teaspoons wasabi  (I buy mine in a tube)

1 teaspoon sugar

¼ teaspoon sea salt or salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

1 pound fresh sweet cherries, pitted

8 cups mixed greens, such as shredded napa cabbage, torn romaine, and/or torn spinach

1 avocado, halved, seeded, peeled, and thinly sliced

1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted
1/2cup small fresh basil leaves or larger basil leaves, shredded



Here is my dearest lifelong friend Maryjo Valder. We met when we were 12. That would be about 20 years ago! RIGHT! She introduced me to this salad.


1. For dressing, in a screw-top jar combine oil, vinegar, shallot, wasabi, sugar, sea salt, and pepper. Cover and shake well; set aside.

2. Half cherries; set aside 1/4 cup of the cherries. In a large salad bowl combine the greens, basil remaining cherries, and the avocado. Toss with dressing. Top salad with almonds, and reserved 1/4 cup cherries.

Cherry Vinegar

Makes: 4 to 6 servings


1/2 cup pitted sweet cherries

3/4 cup white wine vinegar

Directions: Mash cherries. Place in a clean, heatproof jar. In a small stainless steel saucepan heat vinegar to boiling. Pour over cherries in jar. Cool slightly; cover with a nonmetallic lid. Let stand at room temperature 3 to 5 days. Strain out cherries; cover and store vinegar in a cool place up to 3 months. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

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Start Simply Tip: Let go of perfection. You’ve heard the popular maxim, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” There’s truth in those words, but they’re also the perfectionist’s downfall. Perfectionism will paralyze you every time. Our family has modified that maxim: “Some things are worth doing well. Some things are worth doing well enough. Some things are not worth doing at all.” I’ve found that choosing what belongs in each category is a practical way to get around the creeping perfectionism in my life. Especially when it comes to Hospitality.


Women today are more stressed out, burned out, and defeated than ever before. The more they seek to better themselves, the farther they fall toward despair. The key according to Tammy Maltby is to become less self-centered and more other-centered. Tammy encourages the reader to be the one who gives life to others! In Lifegiving, she provides sound biblical teaching on what it means to be a lifegiver and how this flows out of a rich inner relationship with God.


Lifegiving Journal

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Follow the book Lifegiving as a 8 week bible study.

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This has to be one of my new favorite summer salads. 


July is here and the local farmers markets are bursting with fresh produce. I LOVE fresh produce. It reminds me honestly of my Dad. He was always out in the garden growing something vibrant delicious and beautiful. Fresh tomatoes were his favorite. I still remember him pulling them from the vine and sitting on a garden bench and just eating them whole!

My dad was organic before organic was cool.


Happy Summer Eating friends!


Ripe heirloom tomatoes

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (I buy mine from Costco. They are two to a package and are already sliced!)

Reduced balsamic vinegar (recipe below)

Olive oil

Fresh herbs: basil, oregano, thyme. Anything fresh from the farmers market!

Capers if you like that kind of thing!

A rustic baguette


Slice the tomatoes and arrange them on a platter with the cheese and herbs.

Serve with the olive oil, vinegar, and bread on the side.

Simple Balsamic Reduction

Simple Idea:Don’t spend extra on expensive Balsamic. Just buy and inexpensive bottle and follow this simple recipe.You can’t believe how delicious this is!

1 pint balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
1 bay leaf

One of the following
4 whole cloves
fresh rosemary, a tender branch with lots of needles
fresh thyme, several small sprigs with lots of needles

Pour the balsamic vinegar into a heavy bottomed saucepan and place over moderate heat. Stir in the honey, drop in the bay leaves and optional cloves or herbs and bring to a low boil. Adjust the heat to maintain a steady simmer and allow the vinegar to reduce slowly. After a half hour or so, when it has lost more than half of its original volume, the vinegar will start to appear syrupy the consistency of honey.

Simpler idea:  Grab a bottle of the cheap stuff and just boil it down. Simple and DIVINE! You’ll find yourself pouring it over everything including raspberries (and ice cream of course).


 Sunday night dinner on the deck with my dearest friend Lynn and her Ashley!







I promised to share a couple of my 4th of July recipes. And without a doubt this is my new favorite!


Red Onion, White Cabbage and Blue…you guessed it Blueberries.

Seriously I have made this several times and am ALWAYS asked for the recipe.

The dried blueberries are key. Well maybe the bacon is key. Or the Pecans?

Hard to say. I just know you will go wild over this.

Happy 4th Friends! Thank God we live in a free and most awesome country!


These shots where taken from our Start Simply Cooking Classes by Thanks again Rachel!






1  head green cabbage, cut into 1/4-inch wide strips (about 6-8 cups)
1 red onion, halved and thinly sliced (about 1/2 cup)
8 strips bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled (reserve 1 tablespoon for garnish)
3/4 cup dried blueberries (reserve 1 tablespoon for garnish or use fresh blueberries for garnish)
1/3 cup chopped parsley
1/2 cup mayonnaise
5 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup toasted chopped pecans
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
Toss the cabbage, onion, bacon, blueberries, mayonnaise, vinegar and sugar in a large bowl and toss to coat with the dressing. Cover and refrigerate 1 to 4 hours.

Stir in the pecans and season with salt and pepper just before serving. Sprinkle with reserved bacon, berries and nuts.

Life Giving

 Women today are more stressed out, burned out, and defeated than ever before.
The more they seek to better themselves, the farther they fall toward despair.
The key according to Tammy Maltby is to become less self-centered and more other-centered.
Tammy encourages the reader to be the one who gives life to others! In Lifegiving, she provides teaching on what it means to be a lifegiver without wearing yourself out.
Beautiful living in the truest sense. 
 Follow the book Lifegiving as a 8 week bible study in The Lifegiving Journal 

 Join me at my Start Simply Cooking facebook page where we talk about food, recipes and gathering at the table. A beautiful place to slow down look into each others faces. A place we give others a message about their value.



This is my favorite all time best salad. My most requested too.

It is simply delicious. Feeds a crowd. The best salad to bring to a shower or luncheon. It is delicious and BEAUTIFUL!

Start Simply Tip: Double the dressing and serve on the side. I also fry up the chicken in butter, olive oil and a little garlic to get the outside crunchy.

You are going to LOVE this!

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad


One box bowtie pasta cooked

5 cups cooked and chopped up chicken (After cooked I then fry in pan with olive oil/butter with garlic until crunchy)

1 cup chopped green onion

2 large bags of spinach or field greens (romaine works nicely too)

¼ cup toasted Sesame seeds

3-4 carrots sliced

3-4 chopped celery

1 bag of snow peas

2 large cans mandarin oranges

Top off with dry salted peanuts

For Dressing:

½ cup veg oil

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup White Wine Vinegar

3 tablespoons sugar

¼ teaspoon pepper

½ teaspoon salt

2 cloves of garlic

1 large tea of fresh ginger

1 tablespoon dark sesame oil


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