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I am so excited about this product.  I have to say I have never used a product like this before! I have more energy then I have had in years and no afternoon crash! I have struggled with sleeping issues like forever and now I am sleeping though the night.  Not only that but my hot flashes (dare I say) have nearly stopped. (I was having about 10 a day!) I truly can’t believe a little 4 oz drink can bring such health and healing.

So what is Limu?

LIMU ORIGINAL® is powered by the supernutrient Fucoidan, which has been a source of health and well-being for thousands of years.

A naturally powerful jumpstart for your health, LIMU ORIGINAL® also delivers an enriching blend of vitamins, minerals and juice extracts from mangos, papayas, apples and pears.
With no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian LIMU ORIGINAL®
refreshes and invigorates your body to its core – all while maintaining its crisp and delicious taste.
The secret behind LIMU’s health benefits is elegant and simple:

Fucoidan. Deep in the far-off, pristine islands of Tonga, we found a unique and exquisite seaweed called Limu moui. Through a proprietary chemical-free extraction process, we harvest Fucoidan: a sulfated polysaccharide and complex carbohydrate found only in the cell walls of this seaweed.

Fucoidan is a proven supernutrient enriched in anti-inflammatory
and anti-viral nutrients. Over 1,000 independent studies citing
Fucoidan have been published by the likes of The Journal of
Molecular Immunology and The British Journal of Pharmacology,
and even more are listed by our Nation’s standard – The National
Institute of Health on


Hundreds of thousands of consumers have added LIMU products
to their everyday lives. By incorporating LIMU products into your
everyday routine you may experience the following beneficial results:
• Strengthened immune system
• Improved joint mobility
• More restful sleep
• Increased energy
• Softer, smoother skin
• Greater sense of health and wellness
• Allergy relief

Many more people have found tremendous unique results in their own life.

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There are only three products which makes it so easy to get started.  Choose from Limu Original, Blu Frog (the healthy energy drink), or Limu Lean (protein shakes and weight management).


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