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Cookin’ up a Good Time Live!



As many of you know I am now hosting a radio show on KSBJ radio with my good friend Tootie Maher: Cookin’ Up A Good Time!

It has been a dream come true for me to move from TV land into the radio world. I am just loving it!

And I think you will too. 

Check out out new website and page at KSBJ radio http://www.ksbj.org/cookin for recipes and tips. GREAT inspiration to make hospitality a part of your everyday life without wearing yourself out.

We also have added beautiful videos! You must see these!

We will be be hosting actual cooking events in different cities. Houston will be our first. Check here for more information and to get your tickets: Click to be our guest at Cookin’ up a Good Time Live! The AMAZING Phil Wickham will be giving a concert and we will be Cookin’ up a Good Time! Comedian Cleto Rodriguez will also be joining us for some serious laughter.


Here’s to COOKIN’ My friends!

Cookin’ up a Good Time will equip you to be the voice of hope, connecting people to God in your home. It’s certain to serve up messages of encouragement that’ll keep you coming back for second, third and fourth helpings!


Cookin’ Up a Good Time is exactly what we do. It is our joy to create a home filled with laughter, great music, mouthwatering aromas, and meaningful conversations around today’s table. We invite you to be our guests.


We will take the lessons we’ve learned and share them with you, whether it’s cooking our favorite delicious new recipes, offering tips for transforming your home into a sanctuary or discovering the how to of hospitality. Our goal is to inspire and equip you to open your home, share a meal, listen to one another’s stories, and find strength and encouragement in caring about each other’s hopes, dreams and disappointments.


We pray that Cookin’ up a Good Time will help you experience the joy and supernatural blessings that come with providing biblical hospitality to others, and in doing so, may God use your home for Kingdom events.


Cookin’ up a Good Time Live will allow you to experience Cookin’ up a Good Time like never before! At Cookin’ up a Good Time Live, you’ll feel right at home as Tammy & Tootie show you how to create some of their favorite mouthwatering dishes, share with you keys to hospitality, and inspire you to open your heart and home to family and friends. Click to be our guest at Cookin’ up a Good Time Live!


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